Ion-Exchangeable Functional Binders and Separator for High Temperature Performance of Li1.1Mn1.86Mg0.04O4 Spinel Electrodes in Lithium Ion Batteries
Seung Hee Woo, Hyung-Woo Lim, Sangbin Jeon, Jonathan J. Travis, Steven M. George, Se-Hee Lee, Yong Nam Jo, Jun Ho Song, Yoon Seok Jung, Sung You Hong, Nam-Soon Choi,* and Kyu Tae Lee*

Journal of the Electrochemical Society,   Volume : 160,   Issue :11,   Page : A2234-A2243,   Published : 2013

DOI : 10.1149/2.092311jes


A photo-cross-linkable polymeric binder for silicon anodes in lithium ion batteries
Yuwon Park, Sueun Lee, Si-hoon Kim, Bo Yun Jang, Joon Soo Kim, Seung M. Oh, Ju-Young Kim, Nam-Soon Choi, Kyu Tae Lee*, and Byeong-Su Kim*

RSC Advances,   Volume : 3,   Issue : 31,   Pages : 12625-12630,   Published : 2013

DOI : 10.1039/c3ra42447b


Charge Carrier in Rechargeable Batteries: Na ions vs. Li ions
Sung You Hong, Youngjin Kim, Yuwon Park, Aram Choi, Nam-Soon Choi, and Kyu Tae Lee*

Energy & Environmental Science,   Volume : 6,   Issue : 7,   Pages : 2067-2081,   Published : 2013

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DOI : 10.1039/c3ee40811f


An Amorphous Red Phosphorus/Carbon Composite as a Promising Anode Material for Sodium Ion Batteries
Youngjin Kim, Yuwon Park, Aram Choi, Nam-Soon Choi, Jeongsoo kim, Junesoo Lee, Ji Heon Ryu, Seung M. Oh,* and Kyu Tae Lee*

Advanced Materials,   Volume : 25,   Issue : 22,   Pages : 3045-3049,   Published : 2013

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DOI : 10.1002/adma.201204877


Na4-aM2+a/2(P2O7)2 (2/3 < a < 7/8, M=Fe, Fe0.5Mn0.5, Mn): A Promising Sodium Ion Cathode for Na-ion Batteries
Kwang-Ho Ha, Seung Hee Woo, Duckgyun Mok, Nam-Soon Choi, Yuwon Park, Seung M. Oh, Youngshol Kim, Jeongsoo Kim, Junesoo Lee, Linda F. Nazar,* and Kyu Tae Lee*

Advanced Energy Materials,   Volume : 3,   Issue : 6,   Pages : 770-776,   Published : 2013

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DOI : 10.1002/aenm.201200825


One-Pot Synthesis of Sn-Embedded Carbon/Silica Nanocomposites for Anode Materials in Lithium Ion Batteries
Jongkook Hwang, Seung Hee Woo, Jongmin Shim, Changshin Jo, Kyu Tae Lee*, and Jinwoo Lee*

ACS Nano,   Volume : 7,   Issue : 2,   Pages : 1036-1044,   Published : 2013

DOI : 10.1021/nn303570s


Tris(pentafluorophenyl) borane-containing electrolytes for electrochemical reversibility of Li2O2-based electrodes in Li-O2 batteries
Nam-Soon Choi*, Goojin Jeong, Bonjae Koo, Yong-Won Lee, and Kyu Tae Lee

Journal of Power Sources,   Volume : 225,   Pages : 95-100,   Published : 2013

DOI : 10.1021/nn303570s


Roles of Surface Chemistry on Safety and Electrochemistry in Lithium Ion Batteries
Kyu Tae Lee, S. Jeong, and J. Cho*

Accounts of Chemical Research, Volume : 46, Issue : 5, Pages : 1161-1170, Published : 2013

DOI : 10.1021/ar200224h